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Dog Care 101: Tip #162 – Dog Water Safety Tips

Now that it’s warming up, Best Bully Sticks knows you’ll be flocking to the water. Any body of water will be teaming with folks looking to cool down. And why not take Fido along too? A lot of dogs enjoy the cool water too but owners need to be aware of the potential hazards of the water. Best Bully Sticks gets you and your dog ready for fun in the surf with these handy dog water safety tips!

Hang Out With Your Dog
Don’t leave your dog unsupervised. You brought your dog to the pool, lake or “swimmin’ hole” to hang out with you, right? Make sure you keep an eye on your dog. Not all dogs are good swimmers.

Buy & USE A Dog Life Jacket
Your dog might be an excellent swimmer, but he will eventually get tired, or be distracted or get a cramp. Buy and use a dog life jacket so your dog is always protected. Rip currents or undercurrents can also be a problem in larger bodies of water. You’ll always be happy you bought and put your dog in a life jacket.

Fun In The Sun & Surf
Best Bully Sticks offers a lot of great dog toys to bring out to the water. Floatable, durable and loads of fun, your dog will thank you for a great water toy! Check out BBS’s entire line of Balls for Dogs that will be great for the water. The West Paw Huck or Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Medium Orbee are both great choices!

Provide Shade & Comfort
Sun and therefore heat is more intense around bodies of water because of the sun’s reflection and humidity. Make sure you dog has a place to escape to, such as a towel on the beach (hot sand can blister paws), or shade to get out of the sun.


Water, Water Everywhere, But Not A Drop To Drink

Make sure you have fresh, clean water for your dog to drink. Chlorinated pools or lake water can both cause serious health issues for your dog. Chlorine is poisonous to dogs and natural water can contain parasites. Keep a gallon of water and a pop-up bowl for your pup when he’s romping outdoors!

BBS has a great portable water solution. Check out the Handi-Drink Portable Bottle/Bowl for your next trip out to the water!

More Water After The Water
After you and your pup with your fun in the sun and surf, rinsing your dog with clean water is important. This will ensure that your dog won’t keep any unwanted chlorine, salt or water parasites. Make sure to take off and let your dog’s collar dry as not to cause any hot spots.

Do your dogs like to romp in the water? Tell us your favorite water story in the comments section!

Best Bully Sticks Breed Spotlight: Weimaraner

The “Grey Ghost” is visiting this week’s Best Bully Sticks Breed Spotlight! No, we’re not talking about some ghastly ghoul, but the friendly, alert and beautiful Weimaraner! Read about this sporty dog—its interesting history and great disposition in our look at the Weimaraner.

History & Background: The Weimaraner was originally bred for hunting in the early 19th Century and was the hunting companion of choice for royalty. In fact, this breed gains its name from one of these royal courts, the Weimar Republic in Germany. Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, Karl August first had these dogs, then called “Weimar Pointers,” used as large game hunters for boar, bear and deer.  Even after a loss in popularity, the dog was still used for hunting small game such as fowl, rabbits and foxes. However, this breed was also a great all-purpose family dog. Weimaraners could guard the home, go hunting with the family and love on the kids.

In past decades this breed has gained a pop-culture status for being the subjects of William Wegman’s photography.

Height: 25 to 27 inches (males); 23 to 25 inches (females)

Weight: 71–82 pounds (males); 55–71 pounds (females)

Coat: The Weimaraner’s coat is sleek, smooth and short. This dog has no undercoat and does not shed. This makes for an extremely low-maintenance dog. Where the coat is thin, the skin usually shows pink. Long-haired Weimaraners are rare, but are recognized by the UKC (United Kennel Club) but not the AKC (American Kennel Club.) Long-haired breeds can show up in a short-haired litter, but only if the parents both have the recessive gene.  This breed type has a long, silky coat with a feathered, un-docked tail. read more…

Weekly Drool Recipe: Homemade Frozen Pupsicle Treats

It’s May and that means warmer temperatures and the need to cool down! Best Bully Sticks wants to share with you doggy owners out there a great and tasty way to not only cool down your dog, but treat him as well. This week we’re making Homemade Frozen Pupsicle Treats! We’re going to give you 2 recipe variants as well as 2 different takes on the creating the pupsicle form! Enjoy!

Apple Honey Pupsicles

2 containers (6 oz. each) plain yogurt
2 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons peanut butter
1/3 cup regular applesauce (or a 4 oz. snack size portion)

Stir together all ingredients in a mixing bowl with a spoon until well combined. 

Peanut Butter Banana Pupsicles

32 oz. plain yogurt
1 mashed ripe banana
2 tablespoons peanut butter
2 tablespoons honey

Mix ingredients in a mixer or blender. 

Pupsicle Formation & MORE variations!

These treats are the most versatile treats out there because you can do so much with them! The neatest ways we’ve seen to form the pusicles are:

1. In an ice-cube tray or egg carton! Pour your frozen treat mixture directly into your unused ice-cube tray or egg carton. This will allow you to take these frozen bits out for your pup as you please! This is especially great for small dogs! Pretty ingenious, huh?

2. In plastic cups! Pouring your mixture into plastic cups about half-way will provide the same ease of serving, but will be better for a bigger dog!

Loosening the frozen treats from the tray/carton/cup is easy. Just pour a little warm water over the bottom of the container!

At this point, you’re free to experiment! These treats are so versatile! For instance, you can substitute an large jar of baby food for the banana in the Peanut Butter Banana Pupsicle recipe. A large jar of baby food is the same volume as a banana, so you can sub any flavor that your dog likes. Broth, fruit puree and different flavored yogurts are great subs!

 Recipe excerpts and photos courtesy of Zim on a Whim & Brett Winn’s Hubpage

Best Bully Sticks Rescue Spotlight: Baltimore Bully Crew

Best Bully Sticks is dedicated to all dogs, especially those that don’t having loving owners.  That’s why BBS supports every rescue and shelter we can each month through rescue contests, giveaways and donations. A couple weeks ago, Baltimore Bully Crew won a one-day contest, the prize being BBS product, worth over $300. BBC founded only two years ago, but they are already making a difference in the protection and perception of pit bulls and pit bull mixes in Baltimore. 

Kate & Eric Vocke are the couple behind BBC. Kate told Best Bully Sticks that the signs were hard to ignore—Baltimore needed a bully rescue.

“Eric and I started Baltimore Bully Crew in June 2010 after finding a dog tied to a pole with a note stapled to him that said, I will not fight and am worthless.  We took him home and tried to find a rescue group to help us find a home.  We were very unsuccessful in getting any response from any group and thought this is terrible.  What will we do with this dog?  We made a connection at Baltimore Humane Society who helped us get the dog in there and he was adopted very quickly.  But seeing all the trouble it was to find a group that would respond and help pit bulls in need in Baltimore, we decided we would do it.  Baltimore Bully Crew was formed to promote awareness of animal abuse and overpopulation in our city and work to make a difference in the media image of pit bulls.” read more…

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