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Spotlight On A Rescue or Charity: The Tibetan Terrier Club of America

Organizations that support the well-being and welfare of our favorite four-legged friends should not go unnoticed. We at Best Bully Sticks love to highlight these groups for their admirable work. One such group is the Tibetan Terrier Club of America.

The TTCA was founded in 1957 with the goal of supporting and furthering the breed of Tibetan Terriers.  Since their inception, they’ve grown to an extremely dedicated following with nine regional groups nation-wide.  The TTCA is a well connected group that also takes care of any rescued Tibetan Terriers.  This group is very loyal to their breed just as the breed is loyal to them. “Acquiring a TT should be thought of as more like adopting a family member than acquiring a possession.”

To support their efforts, BBS has donated Plato Thinker Salmon and Chicken treats in hopes that this breed continues to thrive!

About the Breed

Sometimes called TT’s, this breed isn’t a terrier at all. As the TT’s name suggests, this breed is native to Tibet, an isolated region in the Himalayas. These dogs were called the “Holy Dogs of Tibet.”  They were viewed as good luck charms and were even given as gifts and never sold.  TT’s are very sure-footed and powerful jumpers. Because of these gifts it is thought that TT’s were used as herding dogs on the steep and rocky mountain sides of the Himalayas.

Tibetan Terriers make great family pets and are known for their good nature. As extremely intelligent dogs, TT’s are easy to train and can be trained to do almost anything.  TT’s are physically known for their long coats and shaggy appearance.  Even though their hair falls into their eyes, they have very good eyesight.

BBS wishes the best of luck to the efforts of the Tibetan Terrier Club of America.

101 Dog Care Tips: Tip 149 – Making Bath Time More Enjoyable For Your Dog

Here at Best Bully Sticks, we know that not all aspects of dog ownership will be enjoyable for you or your pet.  One of those could be bath time.  If your dog is anxious about getting a bath and is a pain to clean, chances are you aren’t enjoying the struggle involved either. If you’ve owned your dog from puppy-hood the process of making bath time stress-free may be a little easier, but no matter the age, your dog can still learn to like baths.  Here are a few ways to ease your dog into coping with bath time.

Creature Comforts: Creating A Comfortable Environment For Bath Time. If you think your dog is generally okay with baths, here’s a sure-fire test. If your dog doesn’t take food or a treat from you while in the bath, it means your pup isn’t comfortable.  There are a couple reasons why the physical environment of your bathroom isn’t calming to your dog.  One of the best ways to enhance a dog’s physical presence in the tub is a non-skid bath mat or even a towel.  If a dog doesn’t have traction, they won’t feel physically at ease in any situation. When bathing your dog, remember that hot water doesn’t always equal cleanliness.  A lukewarm temperature will be comfortable for your dog and won’t dry out their skin as hot water would.

Chaotic To Calm: Changing Your Dog’s Perceptions About Baths. After you make the dog physically comfortable in the bath, the next step is emotional comfort.  Anxiety about baths can change if a dog is eased into relating the bathroom to a place where good things happen.  Anytime you are in the bathroom, lead your dog in and give them a treat. Next, step into the tub and give your dog a treat. Even try feeding your dog in the bathroom and slowly move their food into the actual tub as they become more comfortable.  For dogs who get bathed in sinks, it’s the same idea. Work to slowly move toward the sink, putting your pup down and giving them a training treat each time you move a step closer.  Reiterate this practice until the dog is calm.

Water, Water, Everywhere: A Word On Water. When your dog gets comfortable with the idea of being in the bath, try turning on a small amount of water. If you begin squirting, spraying or dumping water on your dog, the fear of baths will return.  Pour just enough water to get your dog’s feet wet and see how they react. If it’s positive, very slowly add a little water to wet his legs more, then the body.  Again, go slowly with the head, ears and neck of your dog. During this first session, you might not even want to use shampoo.  The goal is just to keep your dog calm during this process.  If you did shampoo, it would mean rinsing and thus adding considerable time with water in the tub.

Slow & Steady Wins The Race: Being Patient With The Process. Conditioning your dog to thinking more positively about baths will take time.  Remember that this may not be an overnight change, but if you are persistent, you will reap the benefits of a stress-free doggie bath. Two of the biggest things to remember: go very slowly & reinforce with small dog treats (positive reinforcement.)  A clean dog just might truly become a happy dog.  Happy training!


BBS Product Spotlight: Free Range Dog Chews

Free Range Dog Chews consist of great high quality beef bully sticks and bull steer products. We have the last remaining stock of Free Range dog chews. You cannot get these bully sticks and bull products from any other source. Buy now before they are all gone and enjoy great savings as we blowout this product for new inventory. Be sure to check back often for new sales and products added daily.






Free Range BBS Products:

  • Beef Lung Logs – 5″ Logs
  • Bully Sticks – 1 lbs 3-5″ Sticks
  • Bully Stick Tips – 1 lbs Bag
  • Beef Tripe Springs – 7-8″ 2 Pack
  • Catch of the Day Cod Basket – Cod Skin Patties and Sweet Potato
  • Catch of the Day Friday Night Special – Calamari and Shrimp
  • Catch of the Day Salmon Platter – Salmon Skin Sushi Rolls
  • Moo! Braided Bully Sticks – 1 lbs of 3-5″ Sticks
  • Moo! Odor-Free Bully Sticks – 1 lbs of 3-5″ Sticks
  • Grass Fed Beef Angus Power Bar – 2 pack

Remember, when they’re gone, they’re gone. So get them while you still can!  Check them out HERE!

BBS Breed Spotlight: The New AKC Breeds Pt 2 of 6: The American English Coonhound

Best Bully Sticks loves dogs. It’s undeniable. In fact, we love them so much we talk about them all day. Our weekly breed spotlights are especially made for that.  Last week we talked about the Cesky Terrier as a part of the new batch of AKC registered dogs.  This week we continue our New AKC Breeds Series by talking about the American English Coonhound.

Height: 24-27 inches (male), 23-25 inches (female)

Weight: 50-75 pounds

Coat: This coonhound has medium-length coarse, hard hair.

Color: The American English Coonhound’s coloring has several color and ticking combinations.  Ticking refers a pattern of small spots found in the white part of a dog’s coat.  Color and ticking combinations include red and white ticked, blue and white ticked, tri-colored with ticking, red and white and white and black.

Appearance: This hound has a strong and lean body with a deep chest. Other features include a strong back, well-defined muscles, a broad head and low-set soft ears.  All these features make for a graceful and athletic dog.

Temperament: Pleasant, alert and sociable are all strong behaviors for this hound breed.  Although this breed can be somewhat meek at times, they are avid hunters.  They are known for being great companions and are fiercely loyal to their owners as well as easily trainable. They aren’t quiet dogs and tend to bark or “bawl” at people or prey.

Health: The American English Coonhound needs lots of exercise because of their working dog background.  There are some cases of hip dysplasia, but this breed usually lives 12-15 years.

History & Background: This specific breed of coonhound evolved from English Foxhounds, which were brought to the New World and called Virginia Hounds.  As a hunting dog, this breed was used to hunt fox during the day and raccoons at night.

Product Suggestions: This Coonhound is strong and loves a work out. We would give this breed something tough to tackle, like our 12 inch Monster Bully Stick.  This stick truly is a monster and will keep this hound, and hounds like him, occupied.  For a toy, this breed would enjoy the Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Glow for Good Ball.  This ball not only is extremely durable, but allows playtime to last all night and day.


Would your dog like to be in the spotlight?

If you would like your dog spotlighted or want to recommend a dog breed you love for our next Best Bully Sticks Spotlight on a Breed entry please send us an email with the subject “Spotlight My Dog”. If you are submitting your very own dog don’t forget to send over a photogenic pic and a short 2-3 sentence bio about your canine buddy.

Product Spotlight on Plato Pet Treats Savings

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