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Be a Volunteer Foster Pet Parent to a Shelter or Rescue Animal & Giveaway

dog_cat_napAre you looking to support your favorite local animal shelter or rescue but aren’t ready for the full commitment of pet ownership permanently. Well, not only can you volunteer your money or  time at your local shelter but maybe you want to become a foster parent.

Fostering a needed pet can be richly rewarding & wonderful experience for you and a deserving shelter animal. There are a large number of pets that need fostering. Animal shelters & rescues are in desperate need of people to open their hearts & homes temporarily to a needy animal.

Although you may not be able to keep the pet permanently, you are providing the best possible environment, along with plenty of love until he is placed in a forever home. Plus, you are alleviating some of the burden on overcrowded shelters. Fostering just one pet helps your community and makes a world of difference for that pet.

What is a foster parent? A foster parent takes care of a needy animal in their home for an agreed upon period of time. Foster care can involve administering medications for sick pets, feeding special foods to animals on strict medical diets, helping an animal to be more sociable with other animals or humans or simply giving a homeless pet a break from the cramped cages and excessive barking and smells at animal shelters.  Now that you have decided to take a big & fulfilling heart leap to help out a furry friend by fostering. Here are some ways to get started as a foster pet parent.

1. Temporary Housing. Consider that fostering a pet is temporary and be prepared for the day when a forever home is found. Make sure you discuss it with your kids and other family members so they know what to expect & to make sure your family is ready to be a foster family.  Hey,  with all this bonding time you might even decide to make your furry foster friend a permanent honorary member of the family. As long as you are providing a loving & nurturing home the animal shelter & rescue will happily oblige!

2. Call your local animal shelter or rescue. If you are interested in fostering a shelter animal contact your local animal rescue or shelter. You can also search local pet publications and online for listings of animal rescue organizations and shelters. Most of them will have foster programs.

3. Duration of Pet Stay. Decide how long you will be able to keep the pet. If it’s a puppy or kitten it will probably only be for a few weeks until they are old enough to be adopted. If it’s an adult dog from a rescue group it might take several months until a home is found. Please don’t overlook adult dogs when considering adopting or fostering because they are just as in need of a loving home.

5. Budget. Figure out your budget and how much you will be able to allot for food, maintenance and medical attention for the pet. And keep in in mind–if you have love to give and it’s only your budget that’s standing in the way–many rescue organizations and shelters will cover the cost of veterinary services, and in some cases food for the duration of the pet’s stay. It is normally your responsibility to transport the pet to the vet and to any adoption events.

6. Suits your Lifestyle. At a local animal shelter or rescue you will find dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds, ages & temperaments. So, chose a foster a pet that fits your lifestyle. For instance, if you live in an apartment, you can request an older dog that is low energy or a dog recuperating from an illness or a cat. If you are an active family or have a house with a big yard, you can foster a pooch that needs plenty of exercise.

Don’t wait to give back, make a difference and become a foster parent today! Your heart, animals & local shelter will thank you for it.

We would love to hear your foster pet parent story. Leave a comment below!


Do you have a favorite dog rescue or shelter? Well we want to know about them & reward them. We are giving 5 lucky dog shelters $600 each of our Fish Stix for dogs. Click banner to ENTER!


Thanks for voting! Tell your friends to vote for their favorite rescue & stay tuned for the final voting round!

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Volunteering at Local Animal Shelter & Rescue & Best Bully Sticks $3000 Favorite Dog Rescue Fish Stix Giveaway

Humane-Society-main_FullPet overpopulation, neglect & homelessness is a big issue that impacts not only the lives of animals but your heart & entire community. Whether you are giving your time by stuffing & licking envelopes for the next fundraiser, passing out fliers for the shelter upcoming car & dog wash or donating money, every bit helps pets in need. When our hearts unite to advocate for animals we can save & enrich lives. Here are some ways you can help!

Be Responsible. The first step towards responsible pet ownership by keeping a watchful eye on your pet. To keep your pet from becoming a lost soul, keep current identification on your dog or cat at all times so your pet can be returned home safely. Be part of the solution to pet overpopulation &  homelessness by spaying & neutering your pet. In any event, your dog or cat should be properly supervised. Make sure all doors, windows and fences are securely latched so your pet does not become a runaway in distress. In addition to the basics—food, water, shelter, and veterinary care—give your pet lots of love and attention.

Make a donation to your local animal shelter, charity or rescue. Check with your local shelter to see if they have a wish or needs list. Donate usable pet food, old blankets and towels, or other needed supplies that you may otherwise discard. This is a great way for you to lower carbon paw print. By giving back & donating useable items, not only do you help your local animal charity, rescue or shelter but are helping the planet. You can also contribute to one of your local shelters special programs & help with one of their campaigns.

Lend a Helping Paw. Can’t donate money, well don’t sweat it. Roll up your sleeves & volunteer your time at your local shelter. One of the perks of hands on volunteering is the free of charge cuddle time with deserving & amazing animals. You can bathe and groom the animals, walk dogs, or play with cats. Stuff envelopes for a mailing or help publicize an event, the skies the limit. Check with your local shelter or their website for a list of  volunteer opportunities available.

Find Your Purr-fect Match. If you are thinking about adding a four legged addition to your family, well look no further then adoption at your local animal shelter or rescue. Your local animal shelter have dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages & breeds who are just waiting for a permanent, loving home. From puppies, adult-dogs, kitties, adult cats to purebreds you will find them at your local animal shelter or rescue.

Help Bark or Meow the Word. Don’t be afraid to speak out on behave of animals who can’t fight the good fight themselves. You can go door to door and spread the word animal safety & pet owner responsibility. Better yet, tweet all about it. With  blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace & Youtube it easier then ever to promote a bark-worthy cause. Don’t underestimate the power of a click. Use your social media power to tell your friends around the globe about your local shelter’s services & cause.

Vote for the animals. Support legislation to protect animals. Contact government officials about animal issues and urge them to support pro-animal legislation.

Be a hero. Don’t sit in silence. Report animal cruelty and neglect as well as injured or stray animals. You may prevent suffering and even save a life.

Raise caring children. Instruct children in how to care for animals properly and how to treat them with kindness. Set an example by doing the same.

Work in Animal Welfare Sector. You don’t have to have to be a veterinarian to help animals! There are plenty of jobs in animal welfare.

Don’t wait to give back, make a difference and volunteer today! Your heart, animals & local shelter will thank you for it.


Do you have a favorite dog rescue or shelter? Well we want to know about them & reward them. We are giving 5 lucky dog shelters $600 each of our Fish Stix for dogs. Click banner to find out more on how to ENTER!


Thanks for voting! Tell your friends to vote for their favorite rescue & stay tuned for the final voting round!

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Best Bully Sticks $3000 Favorite Dog Rescue Fish Stix Giveaway


Do you have a favorite dog rescue or shelter? Well we want to know about them & reward them. We are giving 5 lucky dog shelters $600 each of our Fish Stix for dogs.

Each rescue will receive:
150 6-inch fish stix                                                            & 100 12-inch fish stix.
CIMG0859 CIMG0864

250 total fish stix for a total value of $600!!! These are going to make some wonderful rescue dogs very happy!

About Fish Stix
Our Fish Stixs are organic dog chews. Fish Stixs are a new and exciting product that we are happy to bring to you! They are a wild, dried, skate tail (the ones from the ocean). They are very high in chondroitin, which is great for hips and joints. They are also one of the best teeth cleaners out there.  And they are all-natural & organic! You can’t ask for a better dog chew next to bully sticks of course.

About the Giveaway
So here is how the giveaway will work. We will have two rounds. (Nomination & Voting)
1. First leave a comment below to nominate your favorite dog rescue or shelter. If they are on twitter please leave their twitter name.

2. Than after a week of entries we will take the top nominations so you can vote on the top 5.

5 lucky dog shelters will each win $600 worth of fish stix (250 stix each)

(one of the large orders we recently received had some sticks that were broken & varied in size, what we would consider 2nds. Well dogs don’t know the difference & we are not the kind of company that wastes. So what better than to reward some great rescue dogs with yummy organic “2nds” fish stix.)

Total prize values: 1250 total fish stix for a $3000 total value.

How to enter:
To nominate your favorite dog rescue simply comment below.
(Continental USA Dog Rescues only)

Also please retweet on twitter & repost on facebook to tell your friends to nominate their favorite dog rescues!

Retweet:  RT: @BestBullySticks Nominate favorite dog rescue to win @bestbullysticks $3000 Favorite Dog Rescue Fish Stix Giveaway

Thanks for voting! Tell your friends to vote for their favorite rescue & stay tuned for the final voting round!

Please make sure to check out our growing selection of dog treatsdog chews and of course bully sticks. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for Best Bully Stick News, New Products & Discounts!! For daily updates follow us on twitter @bestbullysticks

Best Bully Sticks Relaunches Stuffed Shin Bones

Best Bully Sticks Re-launches Stuffed Shin Bones

Best Bully Sticks is re-launching stuffed shin bones in a big way!  The ever popular bone is back and is better than ever.  We are now taking a hollowed out natural shin bone (no bleach added); this shin bone will be a natural yellowish brown color, and adding a stuffing to it.  Our new stuffing is only two ingredients (green beef tripe and cassava).


Each shin bone is approximately 5-6 inches in length and individually shrink wrapped.  Green beef tripe is great for dogs because it contains digestive enzymes and many vitamins and minerals which contribute to overall health.  We are also using the Cassava in the stuffing.  The Cassava or Yucca is widely known as the “South American Sweet Potato”.  This root vegetable is extremely high in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.  This vegetable provides the “glue” for the stuffing and adds another healthy component to the bone.

We appreciate your business and enjoy bringing you healthy, natural, chews and treats the way that nature intended!

As always, if you feel we are missing something in our catalog please let us know.

Best Bully Sticks Launches Brake-Fast Dog Bowls

Best Bully Sticks Launches Brake-Fast Dog Bowls


We are pleased to announce the launch of Brake-Fast dog bowls on Best Bully Sticks!   These bowls are innovative, award-winning, and a healthy option for quick eaters!  The bowls, which are made by a company in Virginia Beach, are made from either plastic or metal and come in a variety of sizes.  The benefit of these bowls are the physical obstacles placed in them to require dogs to slow down when eating their food.

According to the manufacturer Brake-Fast Bowls:

  1. Helps reduce the risk of Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV or ‘Bloat’)
  2. Slower eating makes an animal feel more full and reduces instances of ‘re-eating’
  3. Veterinarian tested and recommended
  4. Works with kibble or canned food
  5. Elegant, no-tip shape
  6. Durable, dishwasher safe plastic

We think that this a great, new, innovative product that provides a healthy alternative for quick eaters!

Please check out our growing selection of all sorts of dog related items and be sure to check back often as we plan new releases on a weekly basis!

Best Bully Sticks Spotlight on a Breed: French Mastiff aka Dogue de Bordeaux, Bordeaux Mastiff


Picture of Beautiful French Mastiff Scarlett (photo by @stellascarlett)

Picture of Beautiful French Mastiff Scarlett (photo by @stellascarlett)

Height: Males 23½ to 27 in &  females 22½ to 25½ in

Weight: Males 110 lbs & females 99 lbs

Coat:short, fine, and soft to the touch.

Color: They can come in shades of fawn (light, coppery red) to mahogany (dark, brownish red) with a black, brown or red mask. White markings are permitted on the tips of the toes and on the chest, but white on any other part of the body is considered a fault, and a disqualifying one if the pigmentation goes beyond the neck.

Appearance: The French Mastiff (aka Dogue de Bordeaux, Bordeaux Mastiff) looks quite intimidating, and indeed, it can be so. These dogs have a rectangular appearance and generally stand between 25 and 30 inches tall at the shoulder. Many specimens weigh in around 145 pounds. They have fairly thick tails that taper to a point that stretches down to the back of their hocks. Their build is stocky and powerful, but their most impressive feature is their heads.

The ideal head is massive and equipped with strong jaws. Loose jowls cause these dogs to drool. The eyes are oval-shaped and wide-set. Their skin is fairly loose and quite thick with significant wrinkles on the head, face and neck. The ears are relatively short and hang downward.

Temperament: The French Mastiff is calm, balanced and affectionate. Breeders have softened the temperament of this dog quite a bit from his original ferocity; today the Bordeaux has a good and calm temperament. This breed is extremely loyal, patient and devoted to its family. It makes a first class watch and guard dog. Despite its fearsome appearance, the French Mastiff is gentle with children and family members. This dog can be very aggressive with other dogs. Socialization at an early age is a must. It is highly recommended that this dog become fully obedience trained, requires an experienced owner. It is highly intelligent and learns quickly although it can be quite stubborn. Once the French Mastiff learns a command it rarely forgets it.

Health: The life expectancy for French Mastiff is about 10-12  years. As with many heavy dogs, hip dysplasia is a significant problem. Dogues de Bordeaux are also susceptible to some forms of cancer. One breed-specific ailment has to do with the Dogue’s larger-than-average head, which can cause trouble for female Dogues during the birthing process. Veterinary assistance should usually be secured if you plan to breed your Dogues de Bordeaux–the breed has a fairly high litter size, but problems with birthing (and with the extremely large dogs accidentally crushing or smothering their litters) can reduce this very quickly.

If you would like to recommend a dog breed for our next Best Bully Sticks spotlight on a breed please send us an email or tweet @bestbullysticks

Please make sure to check out our growing selection of dog treats, dog chews, and of course our  bully sticks .

Our photo gallery is growing constantly, please submit a photo of your dog enjoying any of our products to enter our twice monthly contest!

Bully Stick Alert-Bully Sticks or Buffalo Sticks from India

Bully Stick Alert: Bully Sticks or Buffalo Sticks from India

Please know you sources!  There is now a huge influx of “bully sticks and other natural treats” coming into the US market from India.  Several private labeled brands in the US are advertising these products as free-range, grass fed, and all natural.  The Indian buffalo market (not even beef) is unregulated and has several health concerns that we will discuss below.  Several companies have approached us, from India, offering lower costs of raw material, but we are committed to a high quality natural product; so we have decided to use only free-range beef from Brazil for our chews.

The bully sticks that we sell are only from cattle considered “green cattle” as they are not given hormones or fed corn, which cattle are not accustom to.  Our cattle graze freely on open grass fields and grow naturally. Products from India are almost always sun-dried, not baked and are not regulated like the bully sticks we offer on our site.  Although, it is much cheaper to sun dry bully sticks and other natural treats, the bad outweighs the good.  Our bully sticks are vertically baked to drain any residual liquid from the product.  Sun dried product is many times laid horizontally, out in the sun, so residual liquid remains in the product. This product typically has a high level of odor to it (a urine smell), or a chemical added to it to help with the smell.  There is also higher potential for diseases, such as foot and mouth disease, and the finished product is routinely affected with bacteria because the products temperature during cooking is not well regulated.  Also, because they are exposed to the environment, there is a great chance of bugs.  Although our treats are sometimes more expensive, the quality of the product remains high, and you do not have to worry about any of these issues with our products.

Many people ask why not make bully sticks from North American cattle?  The reason for this is that not only is it expensive, but most of the cattle in the US is kept in feedlots and encouraged to grow at a much faster rate (growth hormones) than is natural.  In addition, the US has very little grazing land, which forces farmers to over populate grazing areas.

Prior to purchasing any bully stick products you should first ask your pet store or online vendors the country of origin for their bully sticks and treats.  Don’t worry; they are legally obligated to inform you. We think your dogs’ health is most important, which is why we pay close attention to these types of details and only offer products that we feel comfortable feeding our own dogs.

Diabetes in Dogs: Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

dogsCanine diabetes, is when a dog’s body is unable to make enough blood sugar to survive. Diabetes in dogs is nearly identical to Type II diabetes in humans. Known as a silent killer, if not detected is a serious disease that strikes both people & dogs and if left untreated can cause serious health complications. The key to prevention is first knowing the symptoms & causes for canine diabetes. So, we are here to help by giving you the facts which can ultimately save your pets life.

Its important for all pet owners to recognize the signs of diabetes so you can seek proper vet care. But do keep in mind to always seek the advice of your vet for a proper diagnoses since many ailments can have similar symptoms.

What are the symptoms of Canine Diabetes? Here are a list of symptoms that are diabetes red flags and if your dog has any multiple of these symptoms seek a vet immediately for proper care.


1. Extreme thirst. This is the body’s attempt to rid itself of excess glucose.

2. Frequent urination. The dog may even have accidents in the house because he’s unable to hold it long enough to get outside.

3. Shivering or shakiness can be a symptom of low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, which is an emergency. Wrap the pet in a blanket to keep him warm, and take him to the vet right away.

4. Unexplained weight loss, even though the dog is eating ravenously.

5. Weakness and lethargy. The pet is tired all the time, and seems to have lost interest in life.

6. Lowered resistance to infections. Recurring urinary tract infections are common in diabetic dogs because the high sugar content in the urine encourages bacterial growth.

7. Breath smells sweet or fruity. If the dog’s breath smells like nail polish remover, this is a symptom of ketoacidosis, which requires immediate veterinary treatment.

8. Abdominal Pain. Some owners notice that the dog will yell when getting up or lying down, or when petted in the abdominal area. Damage to the pancreas is the reason for the pain.

9. Sudden Cataracts. Cataract forms when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy and opaque resulting in blindness, vision loss & impairment. When diabetes strikes, the blood sugar levels rise all over the body. Glucose in the eyeball is absorbed into the lens. In turn, this causes the lens to absorb more water, which causes the cloudiness and vision loss in cataracts.


Pinpointing the causes of diabetes can lower your pets risk of developing this disease.  So what are the causes of canine diabetes?

1. Canine Obesity. Dogs that are overweight have a higher risk of getting diabetes. If your dog is obese, his body will require an increased amount of insulin; when the required amount exceeds the amount your dog’s pancreas can produce, the result is diabetes.

Your dog should be eating a high-quality canned food high in fiber and low in fats and carbohydrates. Some dog owners are even going the extra mile by making their own dog food. We know it can be tempting with those puppy eyes, but avoid feeding table scraps and treats, which are very high in sugar.

2. Reproductive Hormones. Fluctuations in your dog’s hormonal cycle can disrupt insulin regulation. Therefore, spaying your dog not only curbs the problem of pet overpopulation, but can reduce your dogs risk of being diagnosed with diabetes. Particularly, middle-aged females are 2-3 times more likely to develop diabetes in canines than male dogs are. The hormone estrogen  can interfere with insulin production.

3. Dogs Breed Genetically Predisposed. Although any dog can develop diabetes, there are certain breeds at higher risk for developing diabetes. The list includes: Dachshunds, Miniature pinchers, Golden retrievers, Beagles, Keeshonds, German shepherds, Poodles, Schnauzers, Cairn terriers, Cocker spaniels.

4. Steroids. If your dog is being given regular doses of glucocorticoids or progestagens, he could develop diabetes. Steroids can disrupt pancreas function, causing the under-production of insulin.

5. Illness. Diabetes can be triggered by another illness. If your dog already suffers from certain conditions, such as chronic pancreatitis or Cushing’s disease, she is at higher risk for developing diabetes.

What is treatment for diabetes?

Management of your dogs diabetes starts first with a proper diet that consist of  low fat and low sugar meals.  Speak with your vet to determine a strict eating regimin of what your dog should or should not be ingesting. It will be necessary to feed the dog twice a day to avoid dips and spikes in blood sugar levels. You will also have to learn how to monitor the pet’s blood glucose levels, and also how to give insulin shots twice a day.

Daily, consistent & low impact excercise such as walking or swimming is a great natural way to regulate your dogs blood sugar levels & trim the waistline. Consult your vet prior to setting up a canine excercise program for your diabetic pup. As always keep a close eye on your dog to make sure your dog does not suffer from hypoglycemia. Sure sign that your dogs blood sugar levels are low is dizziness and shakiness. One trick is to carry  little syrup or honey in a dropper to squirt in the pet’s mouth or to rub on the gum’s to increase the blood sugar to normal levels.

Here are a list of natural herbs straight from mother nature can be helpful in controlling your dogs diabetes:

1. Fenugreek is high in fiber, which slows down digestion causing glucose to enter  the bloodstream more slowly, preventing spikes in blood sugar after a meal. This herb stimulates the release of insulin. It also slows down the enzymes that break down carbohydrates, which helps to regulate blood glucose levels.

2. Goat’s Rue herb helps lower blood glucose levels & reduce the risk of cataracts in dogs

3. Astragulus is a herb that helps regulates blood glucose levels & reduce the risk of cataracts. It also helps supports the immune system reducing your dogs risk of getting urinary tract & infections.

Remember that being diagnosed with diabetes does not mean the end of the world for you & your dog. Good news!! With proper diet, regular vet checkups, and being aware of causes & symptoms your dog can live a long healthy life!

Please make sure to check out our growing selection of dog treats, dog chews and of course bully sticks. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for Best Bully Stick News, New Products & Discounts!!

Best Bully Sticks Launches New Lamb Lung Dog Treats

Best Bully Sticks Launches New Lamb Lung Dog Treats

Lamb_lung_dog_treatsIf your dog loves Baa Baa Q’s or lamb treats they will be sure to love our puffed lamb lung. These treats are high in protein and low in fat and help provide the energy that your dog needs. These treats are also great for puppies and older dogs because of their soft, melt in your mouth consistency. They are great for training treats because they can easily be broken into smaller pieces. They are from US lambs and are processed in a USDA approved, human grade facility. These come in either a 1 lb. or 2 lb. resealable zip lock bag.

We cut these in thinner pieces than a typical lamb lung on the slicer so they won’t be as thick as others, but there are more of them in the bag!

Organ meats like lamb lungs are extremely high in nutrition and protein like taurine so they make great healthy options for training treats!

Please make sure to checkout our growing selection of Lamb Dog Treats primarily made from US free ranging lamb; so far they have all been a hit!  As always, if there is something you find out there that you would like us to carry please let us know and we will look into it!

Montanas Ultimate Air & Dock Dog Updates & Event Highlights

We always love to get update on how our four legged prized athlete is doing competing around the country. Best Bully Sticks is proud and honored to be Montana’s official sponsor. Congrats on all your success!!

1st event:  Ultimate Air Dogs event- Dupage Co Fair- Chicago, IL

Highlights:  Montana had a PB of 19’10” during the Senior Division Finals of Ultimate Air and took 2nd place in her division.  Eric & Montana tried a new event for them called Catch It- Dog has to catch the toy for the jump to be scored.  Montana caught her toy both times and placed 6th overall on the first time event. Next UAD event will be the Ultimate Air Games in Imlay City, Michigan in September.

Montana in UAD Catch It Event!

Montana in UAD Catch It Event!

Ultimate Air Dog Montana in Action!

Ultimate Air Dog Montana in Action!

Hooray!! UAD Montana with her ribbon.

Hooray!! UAD Montana with her ribbon.

2nd event: DockDogs event- Washington Fair- St Louis, MO

Highlights:  Team Karman/Montana placed 1st in the Speed Retrieve Express division during their first round and qualified for SR finals in which they earned their Speed Retrieve Express title.   Team Eric/ Montana had (2 )2nd place finishes in Big Air Waves & placed 3rd in the Speed Retrieve Express Division.They also had 3 PB’s back to back to back, 2 of which came in the finals round of Big Air.  Montana likes to save the best for last!  Montana’s biggest jump of the weekend was an 18’11” jump which earned her 4th place in the Semi-Pro Finals for the weekend.

Dock Dog Montana sets up for speed retrieve!

Dock Dog Montana sets up for speed retrieve!

Dock Dog Montana with her awards!

Dock Dog Montana with her awards!

So, what’s next for our Best Bully Sticks Sponsored athlete & shining star?

Next stop for team Montana will be at the Illinois State Fair in a few weeks.  Then off to Nationals in October in Ohio which will conclude the DockDogs season until January 2010. So stayed tuned to our blog to read more about her progress as Montana competes in upcoming events. Best Bully Sticks is proud to sponsor its first canine athlete, please join us in rooting her on and wishing her luck.

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