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How To Prevent Ticks From Frustrating Your Dog: 101 Dog Care Tips

webdog1One of the unavoidable – and unpleasant – inconveniences of owning a dog is the possibility of her getting ticks. Try to remember, she doesn’t like them any more than you do. You need to check her coat regularly, especially if she spends a lot of time outside. Otherwise, your pooch can contract Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, and other illnesses. You might also find the pests inside your home.

If you have never seen a tick before, they can appear unsettling. There’s nothing to fear. In this article, we’ll explore how you can safely check for them and remove them. I’ll also explain how you can prevent their becoming a problem in the first place.

Checking And Removing Them

First, it’s important to realize what these pests do when they climb aboard your dog. They hide in grass and vegetation. When your canine companion brushes past, they transfer themselves to her coat. Then, they dig into her skin and begin feeding on her blood. They eventually fall off her body when they have finished feeding.

You should check your pooch’s coat every day if she ventures outside. The first step is to move your hand through her coat. If ticks are present, you’ll feel tiny bumps. If you find the pests, don gloves to protect your hands and use tweezers to extract them.

Be careful when using the tweezers. If you do the extraction poorly, you might inadvertently leave a portion of the body under your dog’s skin. Once you remove a tick, do not kill it by squeezing (that can lead to infection). Instead, place it in an enclosed container and flush its body down the toilet.

Your canine companion’s skin is going to be sensitive after you remove the burrowed ticks. Wash the affected area with soap and water, and apply an antiseptic in order to clean it.

Preventing Their Presence

There are a number of topical formulations and other products that are sold in pet supply stores which can help prevent your dog from getting ticks. But, none are infallible. Common products include K9Advantix, Frontline Plus, and Proticall, but speak with your veterinarian and ask for recommendations.

A Tick-Free Dog Is A Happy One

Your pooch can’t do the job alone. She can scratch and bite at the ticks which are burrowing under her skin, but she relies upon you to get them out for her. Check her coat every day, especially during the warm seasons. If you find them, remove them and clean the affected area. Finally, ask your vet to recommend tick prevention products. Not only will your dog be grateful for your help, but you’ll be glad you took the time.

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Best Bullys Launches New Ostrich Dog Chews

Best Bullys Launches New Ostrich Dog Chews

Ostrich is a naturally low in fat and extremely hypo-allergenic meat source. We are proud to offer two new types of ostrich dog chews the rolled ostrich ears and flat ostrich ears as great compliments to our growing line of all natural dog chews and treats. These ostrich ears will typically last much longer than a pig’s ear or cow’s ear but are naturally much lower in fat and are the perfect option for dogs with allergies. Like our Ostrich tendons they are lightly smoked to perfection. These are sure to be a hit with any dog out there and will become one of your dogs new favorite chews! The ears vary in size and shape depending on which is chosen, but they should last most dogs a considerable amount of time.

As with all of our ostrich dog chews these are made in the United States in a human grade meat facility.  They are extremely high in quality and all single ingredient, making them a great choice.  Please be sure to checkout our other products like bully sticks, tendon dog chews, and beef trachea for dogs all of which are also great choices.

If you have a suggestion for a new product please let us know, we are focused on continuing to offer the largest and most unique selection of dog chews and treats on the Internet!

A Best Bully Sticks Customer Review and Video

One of the many great things about our customers is their opinions of our products. Today we found one such customer that went above and beyond and did a video and taste test of our Bully Sticks products.
The Video is below:

@agoutloud ( her twitter name) wrote a review of our bully sticks and posted the video above.

We are so happy that she and her pups liked our products and went to the extra effort to post a video.

Thank you.

PS. There is a review section on all our products for customers to give their honest opinions. Just click on the submit a review below the “Customers Review Section” of each product on the website.  We appreciate your feedback and look forward to continuing to provide you with all natural, high quality dog chews and treats!

Best Bully Sticks Launches Dog Rocks

Best Bully Sticks Launches Dog Rocks

By simply placing contents of Dog Rocks® packet into your pet’s water bowl and filling it with no more than 2 liters of water your lawns will start to look greener and fresher.

Dog Rocks® hold special properties that helps your lovi

ng pet fertilize your lawn, not destroy it. Dog Rocks® have been laboratory tested and are safe for your pets.

PRODUCT DETAILS – Paramagnetic Igneous Rock
Dog Rocks® increase the properties of Boron, Barium, Manganese and Strontium while decreasing Tin levels in the water.

Dog Rocks® are a 100% Natural Australian product that will save your lawn from those nasty burn patches that your Dog’s urine can cause.

Dog Rocks® filter out impurities from water such as Tin, ammonia and nitrates. These impurities are usually passed out through urine, and when your grass comes in c

ontact with these elements it is burned, resulting in a dead, yellow patch on your lawn.

Dog Rocks® give your four legged friend a cleaner source of water, while also stopping the cause of those nasty burnt yellow patches on your lawn.

Without the impurities in the water, Dog Rocks® actually help your dog fertilize your lawn! This is great for you, your dog & your lawn!

The best part about these Dog Rocks is that they are all natural and work great; we are trying to launch them in perfect time for the spring and summer months, so please give them a try!

Photo of patch of lawn with and without Dog Rocks

101 Dog Care Tips: Positive Reinforcement

webdog 1Although it is very hard to refrain from yelling at your dog or punishing them when they do something wrong, research has shown the positive reinforcement is a better, more productive approach.

Positive reinforcement includes giving your pet something pleasant or rewarding them immediately after she/he does something you want them to do. Positive reinforcement makes your pooch more likely to repeat that behavior in the future.  It is one of your most powerful tools for shaping or changing your dog’s behavior.

Correct timing is essential when using positive reinforcement. The reward must occur immediately, within seconds, or your pet may not associate it with the behavior warranting the treat or praise.  For example, if you have your dog to stay, but reward them after they have already come towards you, they think they are being rewarded for coming towards you.

Consistency is also very important.  If you only reward them periodically, they will become confused and not know how to respond.  In addition, the treats that you give as a reward should be irresistible to your pet.  Something that is just okay will not be enticing for them to continue the behavior.  Treats like pieces of lamb weasand, Kangaroo treats, and Plato dog treats are great things to try, because we have found our pooches to think they are “irresistible”!

Best Bully Sticks Increases Bulk Offerings

Best Bully Sticks Increases Bulk Offerings

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering some of our most popular items in bulk value packs at discounted prices!  This will enable you to buy in bulk and save money on shipping and product cost in the long run.  We plan to eventually roll this pricing philosophy out to almost everything carried on our site, but are starting with what we know you are all interested in: Bully Sticks ! The items that now have discounted bulk rates are:

  1. 4″ Bully Sticks
  2. 5″ Bully Sticks
  3. 6″ Standard Bully Sticks
  4. 6″ Thick Bully Sticks
  5. 12″ Standard Bully Sticks
  6. 12″ Thick Bully Sticks
  7. Bully Stick Canes
  8. Curly Bully Sticks
  9. Thick Curly Bully Sticks
  10. 10″ Curly Bully Sticks (New Item)
  11. Bully Bites
  12. 6″ Braided Bully Sticks
  13. 12″ Braided Bully Sticks
  14. Bully Stick Small Rings

We have tried to offer the best possible pricing on the internet for high quality bully sticks with this bulk pricing.  If there is a particular item that does not have bulk pricing and you are interested in purchasing in wholesale quantities including other brands on our site, please use the contact us form and let us know what quantities you are interested in and we will quote you a wholesale price!  As always, we appreciate your continued business and support; and we look forward to continuing to offer you the Best Bully Sticks on the market today!

Please stay tuned to the blog as we will be having many more new product releases coming in the next 2-3 weeks.

Best Bullys Launches 10 Inch Curly Bully Sticks

Best Bully’s Launches 10 Inch Curly Bully Sticks

We are proud to bring to you, by popular demand and request, 10″ Curly Bully Sticks. These should take your pooch more time to chew than our standard curly bully stick and are sure to be a winner! These 10″ Curly bully sticks are slightly smoked, but offer the same excitement as our standard and thick curly bullies. They are great for teeth and gums because they create friction in your dogs month and like all of our bully sticks, they are 100% digestible and natural.

Curly Bully Sticks are also a great option for small to medium sized dogs, because of their shape.  Their curly shape make them easy to hold on to and chew for the smaller pups out there!  These curly bully sticks are from free ranging grass fed cows and are sure to become a new favorite with the pups out there!

If you have suggestions for new products that you would like to see us carry please click on the “Suggest a Product” button on the homepage; we would love to hear from you!

Best Bully Sticks Spotlight on a Breed – Cocker Spaniel

Spot Light on Breed – Cocker Spaniel

Weight 15 – 30 pounds
Height 14.5 – 15.5 inches
Color buff, black. and other solid colors, merle, black and tan


The Cocker Spaniel is the smallest member of the Sporting Group. The Cocker Spaniel has very long hanging ears, a rounded head, and a profuse, silky, feathered, medium-length coat. They stand well up at the shoulder on straight forelegs with a topline sloping slightly toward strong, moderately bent, muscular quarters. They are capable of considerable speed, combined with great endurance. Above all, they love to be free and merry, sound, well balanced throughout and in action show a keen inclination to work. A dog well balanced in all parts is more desirable than a dog with strongly contrasting good points and faults.


The Cocker Spaniel is a happy, friendly and enthusiastic dog that is great with families and children. They are more likely to wag their tail and welcome a stranger than they are to act aggressive or territorial, although some Cocker Spaniels are good watchdogs and will bark when someone approaches. They are not a dominant breed of dog and are typically very willing and obedient and have an average ability to learn.The Cocker Spaniel is an excellent companion dog and is rarely dog aggressive especially if socialized properly


Some major concern in American Cocker Spaniels are cataracts, glaucoma and patellar luxation. Some minor concerns are hip dysplasia, ectropion, entropion, PRA, allergies, seborrhea, lip fold pyoderma, otitis externa, liver disease, urolithiasis, prolapse of nictitans gland, CHF, phosphofructokinase deficiency, and cardiomyopathy. Occasionally seen are gastric torsion and elbow dysplasia. Also IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia)

Famous Cocker Spaniel Dogs and Owners
Lady from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp
The dog from the famous Coppertone ad
Admiral Frederick Sherman
Richard Nixon
Barry Williams
Charlize Theron

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