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New Chicken Breast Fillets

New Chicken Breast Fillets

After 8 months of searching we have found (what we think are) the only Chicken Breast Fillets for dogs that are made outside of China.  The current fillets that we carry and will continue to carry are extremely high quality, but we have had a lot of requests from customers to find an alternative or complimentary manufacturer that is not located in China.  These new chicken fillets are single ingredient (just chicken breast) and are made in Brazil.  These should be considered dog treats for large or small dogs and are sure to be a favorite!

As is typically the case, because these are made in South America they are more expensive.  They come in a re-sealable zip top pouch in 8oz bags.  We are sure that you will appreciate the quality of this product.

We will continue to offer our existing chicken fillets because they are an exceptional value and have never had any issue with the manufacturer, which is an extremely large dog treat and chew manufacturer.

Supervising Your Dog

Supervising Your Dog

We like to remind all dog owners especially those unfamiliar with bully sticks and how their dog(s) will react to them, to make sure to supervise your dog when giving any treat or chew including bully sticks and dog bones.  Some dogs that are not used to bully sticks may get extremely excited and try to swallow it quickly rather than chew it; this is also common with dog bones.  It is important to ensure that your dog is grinding a dog bone down rather than trying to “bit it”.  Biting on bones (because they are so hard) could be harmful especially if done repetitively.

We also want to stress that it is of particular importance to supervise smaller breeds of dogs, as they have smaller internal systems.  We recommend taking bully sticks or any other chew like an Antlerz, away from your dog when there is 1-2 inches left.  While all of our products are safe and fully digestible it is still important to supervise your dog to ensure that they do not have any adverse effects.

We appreciate all of your continued business and as we continue to bring on many new customers, we are trying to ensure that everyone is properly educated on how to feed treats and chews.

Spotlight On A Breed The Pug


Weight: 14-30 pounds

Height: 9-11 inches at the shoulders

Coat: Short (but they do shed)

Color: Fawn, Black, Silver, Apricot

The Pug’s appearance is characterized by their flat, wrinkled faces, compact muscular bodies, and curled tails.


While most Pugs do not bark much, many do, and they are still quite a noisy breed of dog. Many Pugs make a grunting nasal noise, that increases when they get excited, nearly all pugs snort quite often, almost as if they are sneezing, showering anyone who is too close.  In addition, many of them have quite a snoring problem.


The Pug is a popular breed as a house pet, as it is easy to groom (though it sheds substantially more than other dogs of similar size). However, pugs like to consider themselves as the boss. Therefore tiny children who do not understand how to correctly treat the pug can cause the pug to be scared, defensive, or shy. Pugs are true “lap dogs”, in that they most often want nothing more than to curl up in their owner’s lap.  Pugs like most breeds also love dog chews like bully sticks to occupy them!


Pugs can scratch their corneas (corneal ulcer) or puncture their eyeballs. Their short noses can also cause them to develop breathing problems. They are also prone to skin infections if the crevices in their faces are not kept clean. Additionally, the breed’s characteristic flat face may also contribute to tooth and mouth problem, they may have crowded teeth or a tongue that hangs out. Pugs typically love to eat, and so are prone to obesity; they can quickly reach unhealthy weights.

Famous Pug Owners

George Clooney
Jessica Alba
Paula Abdul
Woody Harrelson
Andy Worhol

Shiba Inu Puppy Cam

The Shiba Inu Puppy Cam

I can’t help it ….. it’s totally addictive.   I spend hours watching puppies sleep, puppies play, puppies eat and puppies piddle and I’m not the only one.  Over the last month, hundreds of loyal followers have tuned in to watch the every move of Shiba’s puppies on UStream Live TV.

The six Shiba Inu puppies, three boys and three girls turned 4 weeks old on November 4th 2008.  They now have their own collars that help to identify them.

– Autumn (Purple collar)
– Ayumi (Yellow collar)
– Amaya (Red collar)

– Aki (Green collar)
– Akoni (Black collar)
– Ando (Blue collar)

The feed has had over millions of views and nearly 300 subscribers… all watching these tiny pups grow right before our eyes.

It will be interesting to watch these pups grow and have their first taste of dog food, their first bully sticks and finally find their new owners.

Tune in now and see for yourselves why Puppy Cam is so addictive!

Plato Salmon and Chicken with Vegetables

Plato Salmon and Chicken with Vegetables

Plato pet treats are our personal favorites for our own dogs because they are made in the US, some are organic, and they also have the appearance and consistency of extremely high quality product!  This new release follows the same pattern of quality and we would have to say that they are our new favorite dog treats….  

The ingredients list for both Chicken and Salmon is the same and it reads as follows: 

Chicken or Salmon, Brown Rice, green peas, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, parsley, sea salt, zinc, calcium, vitamin e, vitamin c,  and glucosamine! 

It is truly refreshing to find this caliber of product still being made in the US and we are proud to be able to offer it to you!  Please make sure to check out our other products from bully sticks to organic fish chews.

Odor Free Bully Sticks

Odor Free Bully Sticks

As we continue our quest to offer all natural dog chews and treats to all dog owners we are continuously asked the question about whether or not odor free bully sticks are a good feeding option.  We have written about this a few times but want to reiterate that in order to have a meat product that is odorless it must be altered.  The best meat products in the world are manufactured properly and still smell like meat products!  Please consider this when choosing which bully sticks or other dog treats you decide to give your pets.

We have had several vendors of bully sticks approach us and offer to “add” ingredients to our bully sticks to make them odor free, but frankly we are proud to only offer an all natural free range South American product; just the way it is supposed to be.  Companies use everything from bleach, to heavy enzyme regiments, to potassium to achieve a bully stick or other meat based treat which doesn’t smell like anything.  We think that you and your pooch will enjoy our product offering more knowing that it is truly all natural.

Please check out our constantly growing catalog of dog chews and treats, and all types of other cool dog stuff!

Dog Travel and Grooming Gear

Dog Travel and Grooming Gear

We are proud to announce the launch of two entirely new categories at Best Bully Sticks.  As we continue to grow, we are starting to try and offer other products that compliment the webs best selection of natural dog treats and chews!  The two new categories are Travel Gear and Grooming Supplies.

In the travel gear category we are offering a few varieties of crates (which can be used for car travel), strollers, and flexible play pens for your pooches.  All of the products in this category are new to us and are extremely high quality.  We are happy that we can offer all of these products at very affordable prices, and hope that you will all find them useful!

The second category that we have launched is the Grooming category.  We have placed Furminators (an excellent at home grooming solution) in this category, along with a line of professional grade grooming tools and dryers.  The main vendor represented in this category is Metro which is known industry wide to have extremely high quality products that are made in the United States.

Please also make sure to check out our growing selection of bully sticks and dog treats.

Thick Curly Bully Sticks

After many many requests we have found a supplier who is providing us with extra thick curly bully sticks.  These are about 6-8″ in length and are about twice the thickness of our current curly bully sticks.  These sticks are great because they have a curly shape, this curly shape creates more friction in the mouth when chewed.  Added friction when chewing improves oral hygiene and helps remove troublesome plaque.  Curly bully sticks are also great for small to medium sized dogs because they grip the curls with their paws!

As with all of our bully sticks these are low odor and from free ranging South American cattle.  Please be sure to check out our other new additions to this category including knotted bully stick bones, bully stick rings, and about every other kind/size/shape of bully stick imaginable. Also, don’t forget to check out our newly added holiday section with dog treat gifts just for the holidays!

Please keep checking in on the blog as we will have some additional “super sale” items coming up soon for the holidays!  We appreciate your business.

Spotlight on a Breed Scottish Terrier

A Black Scottish Terrier

A Black Scottish Terrier

Weight: 17-22 lbs

Height: 10 inches

Length: 11 inches

Coat: Short and Wiry on top; soft undercoat

Color: Black, Brindle, Weaten


Scottish Terriers are a short, stocky breed, with a muscular body and an often appear barrel chested. They have large paws adapted for digging, erect ears and an erect tail.


Scottish Terriers are great family dogs that are known for being alert, quick, feisty, independent, self-assured, playful, intelligent, and determined. Their stubborn nature can make them tricky to train, but so long as they are given a gentle hand when young, they are very trainable and make great house dogs. Originally bred to hunt and fight badgers, they have a strong prey drive towards small vermin (squirrels, rats, mice, etc.) and will need to be kept on a leash when walked. Their determination is seen in everything from digging to working over a bully stick.


Scottie’s don’t have any congenital health problems like some breeds, though they have shown a predisposition towards some types of cancers. With few if any physical issues, they often live to be upwards of 15 years old.

Famous Scottie’s and Scottie Owners

Franklin D. Roosevelt – Fala, Duffy, Mr. Duffy

Humphrey Bogart

Shirley Temple

Bette Davis

George W. Bush – Barney, Miss Beazley

Ronald Reagan

Jock – Lady and the Tramp

Rabbit Dog Treats

Rabbit Dog Treats

We have had these out for a while but haven’t had a chance to talk very much about them.  Our all natural rabbit fillets are 100% rabbit.  There are no preservatives, additives, or fillers in them whatsoever.  They are just like their popular chicken counterparts in that they are like a jerky fillet rather than a treat.

Rabbit is great for dogs because it is hypo-allergenic, high in protein, and considered one of the leanest meats available.  Many raw feeders feed rabbit as a meat source on a weekly basis, and these fillets are sure to be popular with them.

Please also make sure to take a look at our other popular all natural dog treat options like Plato Pet Treats, Nature Nosh, Chicken Fillets, and of course the ever popular bully stick!

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