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Dog Bones

Dog Bones

Many of you have already noticed but we are now carrying a lot of new dog bones at the request of many customers. As we have continued to grow we felt it necessary to offer a larger selection of all natural dog bones that would provide extended chewing time for our larger furry kids! We are now offering rib bones, shin bones, stuffed shin bones, knuckle bones, full monster (femur) bones, bully stick wrapped dog bones…..with all of these options we are sure you will find the dog bone that will suit your needs. Also keep checking in as we have several more dog bones that will be launched soon! As always, please make sure to check out our growing catalog of dog chews and treats, and of course bully sticks!

Lamb Heart Dog Treats

Lamb Heart Dog Treats

Lamb Hearts are a new and exclusive addition to our growing natural lamb dog treat lineup! Lamb Hearts are about 3″x3.5″ and are just dehydrated lamb hearts. They are are reddish brown in color and are quickly becoming a favorite new treat. We are currently the only place to buy these exciting new treats! Lamb Hearts are organ meat and as such they are sure to become very popular with our customers who already feed a raw dog food diet! We have copied an excerpt from Pet Grub about organ meat as follows:

  • There are two approaches to feeding organ meat:

    1. Feed organ meats in larger amounts twice per week.

    2. Feed organ meats every day but in smaller amounts

  • Organ meats are a nutrient dense source of food and too much organ meat is not good. As an example, liver is high in oil soluble vitamin A (not to be confused with the vegetable source of vitamin A also known as beta carotene). If you feed too much liver then you will actually cause liver stones because liver stones are created when the body gets too much oil soluble vitamin A. In fact, the Inuit are well known for eating Polar Bear liver and as a result, a lot of Inuit suffer (especially in the past) from liver stones.

  • If you choose option 1 and thus feed organ meats twice per week, then the organ meat should be approximately 50% of the meat source. So let’s say, as an example, you were feeding 1 cup of meat. In this situation you would then use approximately 1/2 cup organ meat and 1/2 cup muscle meat.

  • If you choose option 2 and thus feed organ meat every day then approximately 10% of the meat source should be organ meat. So let’s say again, as an example, that you were feeding 1 cup of meat. In this situation you would add approximately 1/8 of a cup as organ meat and the rest as muscle meat.

  • Hearts are a great item because of their high concentration of Taurine an essential amino acid

We feel that they did a great job summing up how and why to feed organ meats are are sure that your dogs will love these lamb hearts. They are better used as supplements or treats rather than chews except for small dogs!

Lamb Hock Bones With Tendons / Lamb Pizzles

Lamb Hock Bones with Tendons / Lamb Pizzles

We are pleased to announce the launch of two new lamb products on our site.  Both of these treats/chews are all natural and made in the United States.  The lamb hock bone is basically the “foot” of the lamb with the tendon still attached.  We recommend this dog bone particularly for dogs under 3o pounds in weight.  These bones are a great value and are sure to please the little guys/gals out there.

The second lamb product that we are launching are the Lamb Pizzle, this is the “bully stick” of a lamb and these are sure to be just as popular.  They are very skinny so they are going to be more of a treat for the bigger guys.  We sell them as twists which is basically just two pizzles twisted together.

Please make sure to check out all of our other products as we continue to grow and try to bring the best all natural dog chews and treats to all of you!

Lightly Smoked Bully Sticks

Lightly Smoked Bully Sticks

We have recently decided to bring on lightly smoked bully sticks.  These are still all natural and free range, they have just been lightly smoked in a human grade wood smoker to add some variety to your dog’s chews.  These bully sticks are all individually shrink wrapped and are typically very thick.

After many requests we are happy to have 6″,12″, and 18″ individually wrapped lightly smoked sticks back in stock.As always, make sure to check out our ever growing selection of dog chews and treats.

Nature-Nosh Organic Dog Treats

Nature-Nosh Organic Dog Treats

We are very proud to announce the launch of Nature-Nosh organic dog treats on our we store.  Nature Nosh is natural, made in the US, has great ingredients, and best of all is certified USDA organic.  The “Nosh” comes in three flavors; Beef Wellington, Turkranberry Souffle, and Chicken Parmesan.  Amazingly, all three of the flavors smell exactly like their names and it is namely due to the ingredients in these treats.  Each of the treats is a small rectangular shape about 1″ x 2″.  The treats come in 14 ounce re-closable jars and are sure to become one of your dog(s) favorite treats.

According the the Nature-Nosh web site:

NatureNosh® has created a line of ultra premium organic gourmet dog treats that do not have any animal by-products, fillers, hormones, chemical preservatives, pesticides, herbicides or that contain corn, wheat, egg or soy. In doing this, we have accomplished our goal of creating the first truly certified organic meat based gourmet dog treat.”

We hope that you enjoy these awesome treats and are able to find great natural products for your dogs on our site!

Pampered Pooches: Expensive Dog Excessories

 There’s a certain satisfaction in eating at a nice dining room table. It makes you feel sophisticated, cultured, and human. My dog eats out of a simple plastic bowl I picked up at the local pet store for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that he’s a dog. I can understand having a dog bowl that’s raised a bit for taller dogs that have a hard time really leaning down as they get older, but spending $129 on said dog bowl seems a bit…excessive.  Your dog certainly isn’t going to notice the difference, and when it really comes down to it, it’s not like you’re placing filet mignon in there for them either.  I know we like to personify our pets, but having their eating arrangements outstrip our own seems more like putting them in the Trump Towers while we’re scraping by in a studio apartment.


Dog CarrierYour Dog Travels Better Than You Do

Not that I’ve ever flown first class, but even when I’m flying in the back of the plane, I expect a certain level of service (at least I used to).  With that in mind, it confuses me that some people would spend more on a carrier for their dog than most of us spend on plane tickets…to Europe.  $690 might seem a bit excessive for a dog carrier to you, but you have to remember that this particular one is made from leather, has numerous flaps for their dog treats, and is stylish beyond measure.  This bag screams “my dog lives better than I do” to anybody that sees the two of you together.  Sure you’re driving around in a minivan that’s older than your kids, but as far as your dog is concerned, he’s in a Bentley the entire time.


Dog Mink CoatYour Dog Dresses Better Than You Do

I want my dog to look good.  This usually means regular grooming, getting his nails clipped, and brushing him.  This does not include buying my dog a mink coat.  Yes…you read that correctly.  People have been known to buy their dogs mink coats.  I don’t own a mink coat.  I don’t even own anything approaching a mink coat in my closet.  The idea of a mink coat for dogs is strange since dogs are, at least typically, covered in fur.  And yet, for only $70, you too can get your dog a pink mink coat that will confirm that you love your dog more than you love yourself.

Like I’ve said, we all love to pamper our dogs, but there comes a certain point when all of us have to be careful about crossing over into excess.  Dogs don’t care about mink coats and $300 beds.They want bully sticks, lamb treats for dogs, and somebody to scratch their bellies.  Keep that in mind the next time you see that diamond encrusted dog collar that you’ve been wanting to buy your dog.

Jumbo Cow Ears

Jumbo Cow Ears 

We are pleased to announce the launch of Jumbo Cow Ears on Best Bully Sticks.  These cow ears are HUGE and are about twice the size of a regular cow ear.  Like our typical cow ears, these ears are all natural and low in fat.  These are non-staining and will last a while for both large and small dogs.

Make sure to check out our pig ears, and other dog chews.  We are proud to be steadily building the internet’s largest selection of all natural dog chews and treats!

Sweet Potato Dog Treats

Sweet Potato Dog Treats

We wanted to address a common questions concerning our Sweet Potato treats for dogs. We sell Sam’s Yam’s sweet potato treats, a duck and sweet potato treat, and a chicken and sweet potato dog treat. Sometimes on pieces of sweet potato a bright white substance can be clearly seen by the eye. This is not something to be alarmed with as it is just the sugars inside the sweet potato coming to the surface. This is very common and natural and is something that is typically prized because
it means that the sweet potato is actually sweeter!

Sweet potato, is a very potent vegetable and is extremely high in all types of vitamins and minerals. Please check out our other treats and chews, as we are committed to offering a complete selection of natural chews and treats for dogs!

Lamb Tripe Chips

Lamb Tripe Chips

This is the second release in our all natural lamb product release and we hope it lives up to the hype! We are proud to be the ONLY place to get these all natural lamb tripe chips. They are approximately 3×5″ pieces of lamb tripe that have been dried to make them into the perfect dog treat/chew. The chips are white/off-white in color and would be a great treat for dogs over 30 lbs. and a chew for dogs under 30 lbs.

Tripe is an excellent source of protein, omega 3’s & 6’s, and is also high in many other vitamins and minerals. Those of you who feed raw probably already know tripe well. Tripe given on a regular basis will also improve a dog’s skin and coat! These chips are from USDA approved free range lamb and are made in the United States. They are gently washed in water to get some of the stomach debris off of them, which is the difference between our tripe chips and typical green tripe.  This also causes them to be low in odor….which is something that is unique to our tripe chips.

As with our other all natural lamb products, these are single ingredient and have no preservatives or chemicals added to them whatsoever. Make sure to give these and the lamb weasands a try, and stay tuned for the next lamb product release which will be in less than one week! Also, be sure to check out our growing selection of all natural dog treats and dog chews.

Greatest American Dog 5

Greatest American Dog 5

If episode 4 was like “Top Model” we would say that the episode 5 show was like “Dancing with the Stars”….In this episode the quick challenge was to walk on a plank over some mud which Teresa and Leroy ended up winning. Instead of keeping the “dog bone suite” they gracefully gave it over to Bill and Star (Bill was starting to get homesick). As part of her win she also passed on the ability to train with a choreographer over to Bill and Star. We thought Bill had a great routine and it was very nice of Teresa to help him out and be a team player.

For the best in show challenge the remaining contestants had to pick a genre of music to dance with their dog to. The winner of this challenge was Laurie and her Maltese Andrew. This came as no surprise to us because in our opinion, Laurie and Andrew have an excellent partnership. The bottom three for the week were Travis/Presley, Laura/Preston, and Brandi/Beacon. Brandi and Beacon ended up getting voted off and quite frankly we think it will reduce the stress level in the house.

As things begin to get closer to the end, it is our opinion that the top three pairs will be Bill/Star, Laurie/Andrew, and JD/Galaxy.

Be sure to checkout our large catalog of all natural dog chews and treats; especially bully sticks!

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